A77 Carlock Wall

A77 Carlock Wall

New Programme of Work announced


Amey, on behalf of Transport Scotland, is undertaking a programme of ground improvement works to address the potential for landslip at Carlock Wall, south of Ballantrae. Work had commenced on this scheme by the previous south-west trunk road Operating Company on Monday 3rd February 2020 with the installation of the site compound. This scheme came under the operational control of Amey at the outset of the new Network Management Contract South-West (NMC SW) in August 2020.

As construction continued Amey identified unforeseen adverse ground conditions including the bed rock not being in the original anticipated design location and unstable material on the slope face which required additional stabilisation. These complex factors have a significant impact on the design and volume of work required to implement a safe and sustainable solution. A redesign is currently underway to accommodate the actual ground conditions, including review of the construction programme.

To facilitate the redesign, Amey have conducted various investigative tests. As part of the additional works package, the site has commenced construction of an additional platform located at the toe of the existing slope. This platform and the lower slope will be secured with an additional 160 ground anchors. This will support the overall slope and the new retaining wall being constructed. The additional design work is currently at final approval stage with full and confirmed details expected to be announced within the coming weeks.

Conditions on the A77 at Carlock Wall are closely monitored by our engineering team and we thank road users for their patience as we ensure the safe development of an improvement scheme that will provide long term benefits on the route.

Drivers, and particularly those heading for ferry services, are advised to allow some additional time for their journeys while these works are progressing. Special arrangements will be made for emergency service vehicles; however no extra specifications have been made for windfarm traffic or other oversized vehicles.

Our operatives will follow strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols throughout the programme, in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance.

Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be cancelled or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable.