A77 Carlock Wall

A77 Carlock Wall

Major Works


UPDATE (July 2022)

Work on the A77 Carlock Wall landslip prevention scheme required an additional element of work to be carried out, over and above the original design, and this changed the original expected completion date of the project.

To ensure the work was completed to the required specifications, the additional works were tendered to suitable contractors, and one was chosen. The contractor undertaking the original project design was required to vacate the site for a period of time to allow this new contractor to come on site and complete the additional improvement works. This work has been completed and the original contractor has now re-mobilised and is continuing the project to completion. This is what caused the apparent lull in activity at the site, however the additional works were completed to schedule.

The expected completion date of this scheme remains the Autumn of this year. We thank local residents, the travelling public and other stakeholders impacted by these essential works for their continued patience and understanding.

UPDATE (Nov 2021)

Amey, on behalf of Transport Scotland, will resume construction on ground improvement works to address the potential for landslip at Carlock Wall, south of Ballantrae, after a revised programme of work was signed off by third party checkers.

From Monday 15th November 2021, the works site will be established with construction to install additional ground anchors and earthworks to the lower slope of the site which will commence in the coming weeks. The completion date for this additional work has been revised to April 2022. Following this, works will re-commence to construct the originally designed reinforced earth retaining wall and reconstruct the A77 road, completion date for the scheme is expected to be next Autumn and will be confirmed. Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be delayed if weather conditions are not favourable.

New issues were detected during the construction of the A77 Carlock Wall by Amey, including difficult and unexpected geotechnical ground conditions. This project’s success is heavily reliant on favourable ground conditions and these discoveries required a full re-design of the construction works and programme. The updated programme of construction has been through a rigorous development process to address ground stability issues and allow the original reinforced earth retaining wall to be constructed.

Conditions on the A77 at Carlock Wall are closely monitored by our engineering team and we thank road users for their patience as we ensure the safe development of this improvement scheme that will provide long term benefits on the route.

Drivers, and particularly those heading for ferry services, are advised to allow some additional time for their journeys while these works are progressing. Special arrangements will be made for emergency service vehicles; however, no extra specifications have been made for windfarm traffic or other oversized vehicles.

Our operatives will follow strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols throughout the programme, in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance.