Ghost Gritter

Dare you ride the Ghost Gritter?

Make it safely back to base

It's scary out there at this time of year, with ghost and ghouls hiding in the shadows. Your brave band of survivors can make it to the Amey depot and safety, but only if you take out some of the creepy creatures and dreadful demons in your path.

Once you start the Ghost Gritter, a target will appear. Use the mouse or trackpad on your computer to point and shoot. See if you can clock up some serious Halloween kills on your way to safety. Try and reach the Maximum Score of 2340.

We wish you the best of luck... you're going to need it.

BE WARNED: It's dark and murky out there, pitch black in fact. You'll need to keep your eyes peeled for any creatures appearing suddenly out of the darkness. Your special Night Vision viewer will allow you to penetrate the gloom.

Click on the image below to start!