Haunted House

If you think it looks scary from the outside...

Welcome weary traveller,

Make yourself at home, although legend has it that not many people pass a peaceful night in this house. Assuming they even wake to see the next day that is...

Click on the link below and use the keyboard controls (Space Bar, Up/Down/Left/Right arrows) and your mouse to move from room to room, each one containing ghoulish treats more terrifying than the last. But if you do summon up the courage to explore the house you will find a wealth of Halloween tips and suggestions to make your 31st October go with a bump (in the night).

From freaky recipes to movies that will chill your blood, we've got plenty of things to find, just make sure they aren't the last things you see!

And you may even manage to flee to safety via our Ghost Gritter, if you can find it that is... who knows, you might even make it out in one piece.