M8 Woodside Viaducts J16-J17

M8 Woodside Viaducts J16 - J17



Amey, on behalf of Transport Scotland, will be undertaking excavations and specialist temporary bridge propping on the underside of the M8 Woodside Viaducts between Junctions 16 and 17.

An initial trial site excavation has been completed, which was undertaken to expose one of the buried foundations and allowed for preparatory concreting works necessary to support the installation of temporary bridge props. The trial excavation has provided our engineers with valuable information on the below ground conditions, which will help inform further design and construction work at the subsequent bridge piers.

The first stage of the construction programme involves the excavation, piling or construction of high-level support works around the existing bridge columns, which will commence from 8pm on Sunday 15th August 2021.

To facilitate the first stage of these programmed works, a three-phase traffic management scheme will commence, 24/7, along the A804 Phoenix Road:

  • Traffic Management Phase 1a will be installed during the evening of Sunday 15th August 2021 and will require nearside lane closures on both the eastbound and westbound A804, Phoenix Road, between Garscube Roundabout and the M8 West on-slip road for Junction 17. Left-only access will be in place to New City Road. A signed diversion route will be in operation via New City Road, Shamrock Street, and Scott Street. This diversion continues onto West Graham Street and Garscube Road.

  • Traffic Management Phase 1b will be installed during the evening of Sunday 22nd August 2021 with a lane restriction in place on the M8 Junction 17 West on-slip road, situated beyond the right-hand turn from the A804, Phoenix Road. This is to allow for excavation works under the viaduct.

  • Traffic Management Phase 1c dates will be confirmed nearer the time with a nearside lane closure on the A804, Dobbie’s Loan for access to the M8 Junction 16 Eastbound on-slip road.

Please note, each traffic management scheme will be an extension of what is already in place. No traffic management measures will be removed prior to the next traffic management scheme commencing.

Public access will be maintained for the pedestrian underpass beneath Phoenix Road, which will be accessible via the construction of a temporary ramp. Closed pedestrian access will be well signposted at the site with alternative routes.

Future construction stages of the project will see the installation of the bridge propping system and jacking of the structures to complete repairs to the crossheads. These future stages are undergoing a detailed design review and our team is carrying out enhanced engagement with stakeholders to minimise disruption within the area. Each stage of the programme will be rolled out soon as it is agreed, to reduce the overall length of the repair and maximise efficiency by ensuring progressive stages of the work overlap.

While road users may not see significant activity on the M8 motorway where temporary lane closures are currently in place, a considerable amount of investigation, design, stakeholder, and construction activities are ongoing below the structure.

Road users are advised to plan ahead and allow extra time to complete their journey. We thank the travelling public, stakeholders, residents, and businesses, who are impacted for their patience while this essential refurbishment work takes place.

We thank road users, key stakeholders, residents and businesses who are impacted for their patience while this essential refurbishment work takes place.

Our operatives will follow strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols throughout the programme, in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance.

Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be cancelled or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable.


Amey, on behalf of Transport Scotland, is undertaking essential maintenance on the bridges of the eastbound and westbound M8 Junctions 16 to Junction 17 Woodside Viaduct.

Following the advice from a structural assessment, these works were immediately progressed to address deterioration identified on both the eastbound and westbound structures. This was to ensure the continued structural integrity of the bridges, and to compliment future refurbishment work.

Planned works will see the installation of temporary bridge props installed adjacent to the main bridge piers at several locations below the bridge deck, in preparation for a permanent repair. Pre-construction work and investigations commenced on Friday 12th March.

To ensure the safety of road workers and the travelling public, speed and lane restrictions will be in place on the M8 for the full extent of these structures; and associated eastbound slip roads at Junctions 17 and Junction 18 and westbound slip roads at Junction 15 on slip and Junction 17 off slip will be closed. Slip roads at Junction 16 remain open. Signed diversion routes are in operation, and access for emergency vehicles will be maintained throughout.

Narrowed lanes have been introduced on the mainline of the M8 through the structures. HGVs are being encouraged to consider using an alternative route due to these narrow sections.

Road users should plan their journey accordingly and allow extra time for travel or consider an alternative route.

Motorway Diversion Routes

  • Eastbound Junction 18 on slip diversion: Traffic will travel on the A804 St Georges Road to Phoenix Road, Dobbie’s Loan to the Junction 16 eastbound on slip road.
  • Eastbound Great Western Road on slip diversion: Traffic will travel via West Graham Street to Garscube Road then onto Dobbie’s Loan to Junction 16 eastbound on slip road.
  • Westbound Junction 15 on slip road diversion: Traffic will travel via Springburn Road, Royston Road, A804 Baird Street, Dobbie’s Loan, Phoenix Road and then re-join at Junction 17 Westbound.
  • Westbound Junction 17 off slip diversion: Traffic will travel via the Junction 19 off slip road to Argyle Street to North Street and follow signage.