Maintenance Scheme Eco-Initiatives

Eco-trials across the South-West Trunk Road Network

Amey South-West Trunk Roads is committed to achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2032. This means taking part in a wide variety of eco initiatives, a great example of which is the replacement of diesel- powered welfare units with eco-hybrid welfare units at the M8 Woodside Viaduct site. Currently, diesel- powered units are used throughout the South West network. The LOC eco-cabins trialled at M8 Woodside use a combination of diesel and battery technology to power the unit, which reduces the amount of energy needed from the generator. The swapping of the diesel-powered units for the eco- hybrid units will have an anticipated 81% reduction in fuel usage with the potential to save 7.4 tonnes in carbon emissions at the site.

Various other eco-trials are taking place across the South West network in an effort to reduce C02 including the introduction of electric excavators and battery-operated handheld equipment. In addition, a trial of zero-emission temporary lighting took place during a resurfacing scheme on the A82 at Stoneymollan Roundabout, in which solar and hydrogen-powered temporary lighting were compared against diesel-powered temporary lighting. Amey South West Trunk Roads utilises ULEV (ultra-low emission vehicles) with charging points installed at our Polmadie and Dumfries depots, 38% of our vehicle fleet is comprised of ULEV.