A78 Flatterton Road

A78 Flatterton Road

12 February 2021

Essential Maintenance

UPDATE (12/02/2021): This scheme has been postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Re-scheduled dates will be announced in due course. 


Essential maintenance on the A78 adjacent to the former IBM site is taking place overnight on Friday 12th February 2021, between the hours of 8pm and 6am 

This scheme, with a value of £30,000 will benefit around 8,000 vehicles using this route each day, by improving the condition of the carriageway and reducing the need for more extensive maintenance in the future. 

The work will require a full road closure of the A78 westbound dual carriageway between Flatterton Road in Greenock and Dunrod Road. Westbound traffic will be controlled via contraflow onto the eastbound carriageway and will return to the offside lane of the westbound carriageway at Dunrod Road/Loch Thom Junction. A closure of the offside lane on the A78 eastbound at Bankfoot Roundabout will also be required to accommodate the contraflow 

Turn restrictions will also be in place at this location during the works including 

  1.  A right turn restriction for westbound A78 traffic intending to turn on the north side of Dunrod Road/Loch Thom Junction. Traffic will continue to Bankfoot Roundabout and join the A78 in an easterly direction.  
  2. A right turn restriction for traffic intending to join the A78 westbound from the north side of Dunrod Road/Loch Thom Junction. Traffic will proceed to Barr’s Cottage/Dunlop Street Roundabout to join the A78 westbound.  
  3. A left turn restriction for A78 westbound traffic intending to turn into Dunrod Road. Traffic will be required to turn left into Main St., Inverkip, then will turn right on Main St., Inverkip and turn left on Langhouse Road. From here, traffic will turn left at Langhouse Avenue, then right at Millhouse Rodd to join Dunrod Road. 
  4. A right turn restriction for traffic on Dunrod Road intending to turn onto the A78 eastbound. Road users should follow diversion 1 detailed above to complete their journey.  
  5. A right turn restriction for A78 eastbound traffic intending to turn onto Dunrod Road. Road users should follow diversions 2 and 3 detailed above to complete their journey. 

Our operatives will follow strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols throughout the programme, in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance. 

Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be cancelled or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable.  

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