A78 Monktonhead Roundabout (southbound)

A78 Monktonhead Roundabout (southbound)

19 January 2021

Essential Maintenance


Essential maintenance on the southbound A78 from the layby to Monktonhead Roundabout will take place from Tuesday 19th January until Sunday 31st January 2021.

This scheme, with a value of £280,000, will benefit around 17,112 vehicles using this route each day by improving the condition of the carriageway and reducing the need for more extensive maintenance in future.

This work requires a combination of daytime lane closures, from 8am to 6pm from 19th to 22nd Jan and 25th to 27th Jan with overnight total closures, from 8pm to 6am, each night from 24th to 31st Jan with 2 signed diversion routes in place.

The closure will run from A78 SB off-slip for Troon to Monktonhead Roundabout. Monktonhead roundabout operation will not be affected by works.

Diverted southbound traffic will follow the southbound A78 from north of Warrix Interchange and join the A71 until Bellfield Interchange and on to the A77. From here, vehicles will follow the A77 to Dutch House Roundabout to either continue heading south or travel to Monktonhead Roundabout.

Local traffic joining the southbound A78 after Warrix Interchange will leave the A78 at Meadhowhead Roundabout and travel to the A759 Dundonald / Barassie Junction and onto the southbound A759. Vehicles will continue on the A759 to the B746 Kilmarnock Road, Barassie, then Beach Road and North Shore Road to Port Ranald Drive. From here, traffic will travel via Harbour Road, the B749 Templehill, Troon Cross, Ayr Street, South Beach, Craigend Road and then Monktonhill Road to the A79 Junction. At this point, vehicles will be able to re-join the A78 at Monktonhead Roundabout.

Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be cancelled or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable.

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