M8 Eastbound | Bridge Maintenance

M8 Eastbound Junctions 25 & 25A | Bridge Maintenance

Scheme Summary

17 April to 27 July 2023
Bridge maintenance



Amey, on behalf of Transport Scotland as part of the Network Management Contract for the South-West Trunk Road Unit, are undertaking essential bridge refurbishments between Junctions 25 (Cardonald) and 25A (Braehead) on the M8 eastbound from Monday 17th April until Thursday 27th July 2023. 

This work is Phase Two of maintenance at this location with Phase One completed on the westbound carriageway in July 2022. Traffic management will be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the duration of the scheme. 

This scheme will benefit road users by improving the safety and condition of the bridge and reducing the need for more extensive maintenance in the future. 

The refurbishment works are being undertaken on three bridges between Junctions 25 and 25A of the eastbound M8 motorway and include bridge deck waterproofing, concrete repairs, parapet upgrades, central reservation upgrades, drainage improvements and resurfacing works.   

The work will be carried out using both contraflow and full closures overnight from 2000 to 0600 and a signed diversion will be in effect. Average speed traffic cameras will be in operation throughout the duration of the works to ensure speed limit compliance and safe working conditions for our maintenance team.  The traffic management for this scheme involves the works being undertaken in three phases. Phase 1 will involve narrow running lanes. Contraflow will be in operation during phases 2 and 3, which will involve a single lane crossover from the eastbound outside lane to the westbound outside lane. The entry crossover is in proximity to the M8 Junction 26 eastbound off-slip at Hillington, while the exit crossover is in proximity to M8 25 eastbound on-slip. The programme of works in theeastbounddirection is as follows: 


  • Phase 1 – Offside lanes  - Hard shoulder, slip lane (at KGV Dock Access), lane 1 and lane 2 (at Woyka Viaduct and Cardonald Underpass) running as narrow lanes between junctions 25A and 25. 


  • Phase 2 – Hard shoulder, lane 3 and lane 4 running as narrow lanes. Works taking place with traffic running either side of the works between junctions 25A and 25. 


  • Phase 3 – Lane 2, lane 3 and lane 4 running as narrow lanes between junctions 25A and 25. 


Overnight total closures from 2000 to 0600 in the eastbound direction will be required between each phase of the works to allow for re-positioning of traffic management. It is envisaged that these overnight total closures will span over a maximum of two nights, with lanes in operation in the daytime. 


To accommodate all works phasing on the eastbound carriageway, thewestbounddirection shall have a single outside lane closure in place between Junctions 26 (Hillington) and 25 (Cardonald) running narrow lanes where required. An initial overnight total closure will be required to facilitate the deployment of traffic management. 


During all phases, all slip roads shall remain open and temporary safety barriers shall be in place to delineate live traffic from the works. 


The signed diversions for the total closures will be as follows: 


  • There will be a total closure of the M8 eastbound between Junctions 27 and 24 including the Junction 27 eastbound on-slip, the Junction 26 eastbound on and off-slips, the Junction 25A eastbound on-slip, the Junction 25 eastbound on and off-slips and the Junction 24 eastbound on-slip. Traffic will leave at Junction 27 and turn left on to Renfrew Road southbound, then follow to the A726, the A761 Paisley Road West, before turning left on to Helen Street and joining the M8 eastbound at Junction 24. 


  • There will be a total closure of the M8 westbound between Junctions 24 and 27 including the Junction 24 westbound on-slip, the Junction 25 westbound on and off-slips, the Junction 25A westbound off-slip, the Junction 26 westbound on and off-slips and the Junction 27 westbound off-slip. Traffic will leave at Junction 24 and turn left on to Helen Street, then turn right on to Paisley Road West A761 and turn right on to the A726. Traffic will then turn left on to Weir Street, turn follow on to Abercorn Street, Niddry Street and then turn left on to Renfrew Road and joining the M8 westbound at Junction 27. 


Please allow extra time to complete any journeys through the works area. We thank road users for their patience and co-operation while these essential works take place. 


Access for emergency service vehicles will be maintained throughout these works. 


Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be cancelled or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable.