M8 Junction 15 - Junction 27

M8 Junction 15 - Junction 27

15 March 2021

Structural Investigations


Structural investigations on the M8, between Junctions 15 and 27, are taking place from Monday 15th March until Sunday 4th April 2021. Work will be carried out by Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland overnight during the hours of 8pm and 6am, each night.  

This scheme, with a value of £200,000, will benefit vehicles using this route each day, by ensuring the efficiency of the transport network and the safety of its users. These investigations will inform future maintenance schemes that aim to safeguard the longevity of key structures.  

The work will be carried out using lane closures along the M8 eastbound and westbound carriageway local to the various structures on the M8 corridor between Junction 23 and Junction 27Some evenings will require off-slip and on-slip road closures at Junctions 23, 24, 25, 25A, and 27 with a maximum duration of three nights at each respective slip road. All required closures will have a signed diversion route in operation.  

Proposed diversions for M8 closures:  

Junction 23 westbound off-slip road and M77/M8 merge slip: Traffic will be diverted via the M77 at Junction 1 onto Dumbreck Road, Paisley Road West, and Helen Street. Traffic will re-join the M8 westbound via Junction 24 on-slip road.  

Junction 24 westbound off-slip road: Traffic will be diverted via the M8 Junction 25 off-slip road onto Berryknowes Road, Paisley Road West, and Helen Street.  

Junction 24 eastbound off-slip road: Traffic will be diverted at Helen Street onto Paisley Road West and Dumbreck Road to re-join the M8 eastbound at Junction 23.  

Junction 25 westbound off-slip road (Ramp J): Traffic will be diverted via the M8 Junction 26 off-slip road onto Hillington Road, Renfrew Road, and 50 Pitches Road.  

Junction 25 westbound on-slip road to Junction 25A off-slip road: Traffic intending to access the on-slip road will be diverted via 50 Pitches Road, Renfrew Road, Hillington Road, and the Junction 26 westbound on-slip. Traffic intending to access the off-slip road will be diverted via Junction 26 westbound off-slip onto Hillington Road, King's Inch Road, and Kinch's Inch Drive 

Junction 25 eastbound off-slip road: Traffic will be diverted via Junction 24 eastbound off-slip road onto Helen Street, Edminston Drive, Shieldhall Road, and finally via the A739 northbound.  

Junction 25 eastbound on-slip road: Traffic will be diverted via Berryknowes Road, Paisley Road West, Helen Street, and the Junction 24 eastbound on-slip road.  

Junction 25A eastbound on-slip roadTraffic will be diverted via King’s Inch Drive, King’s Inch Road, Hillington Road, and Junction 26 eastbound on-slip road.  

Our operatives will follow strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols throughout the programme, in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance. 

Please note, all schemes are weather dependent and may be cancelled or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable.  

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